Web Solutions

TIO’s Web solutions are fully customizable to your needs and are built with customer experience and convenience in mind.

Seamless integration

TIO’s web application framework offers a flexible presentation later and authentication model. Billers can now provide their customers with a seamless user experience, employing the functionality of TIOs online billing solution with their existing web presence.

Free up precious time and resources from repetitive tasks so your service representatives can focus on better customer service [other top priorities]. TIO’s industry-leading security measures ensure your customers’ financial information is always protected. TIO is committed to ensuring that your customer is always satisfied and getting the best services available. Our solutions can be scaled to handle an unlimited number of concurrent phone calls so your customers are never left waiting to be served.

Business Benefits

  • Easily accept ACH, credit debit and prepaid card payments
  • Custom branded user experience
  • Real-time posting capabilities with instant confirmation
  • Multilingual interface (English and Spanish)
  • Alleviate long line-ups and counter pressure by directing consumers to  online solutions.
  • Reduce operational risk and improve reconciliation / auditing

Consumer Benefits

  • Convenient access to bill payment services across any web enabled device
  • 24/7  availability.
  • Real-time payment posting capabilities with instant confirmations
  • Flexible payment modalities.
  • Services in English and Spanish

TIO Benefits

  • Robust and highly scalable API framework
  • Superior 24/7 multi-lingual customer service
  • Best-in-class bill payment processing platform

Web Solutions for Billers


Empower your customers to make their bill payments on time, all the time.

With its flexible presentation layer and authentication model, billers can provide a seamless user experience between TIO’s online billing solution and their existing web presence.

TIO’s Web Application framework offers

  • A custom branded user experience
  • Real-time posting capabilities
  • Push notifications, usage dashboard, and payment history functionality
  • Indexing of payment methods and account information
  • Social networking integration

Web Solutions for Distributors


Enable bill payment functionality on your existing web & IVR platforms.

TIO’s secure, reliable, and web optimized bill payment API can be integrated with your company’s existing products and services to create more value for your business by delivering the additional services and capabilities that your customers looking for.

TIO’s Web Application framework offers:

  • Seamless integration with existing web frameworks
  • Payments to TIO billers and/or your billers
  • Flexible payment options: ACH, debit/credit cards, PayPal, and more
  • PCI Level 1 Compliance
  • Detailed reporting tools to track performance
  • Ensure customers receive a predictable, high quality user experience that includes account verification, balance presentment to ensure that customers pay the correct amount, and real time posting a strict requirement for expedited payment services.

Find the right Web fit.

No pressure. Just facts. Guaranteed.


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