tio connect

TIO's Web solutions are fully customizable to your needs and are built with customer experience and convenience in mind.

Free up precious time and resources from repetitive tasks so your service representatives can focus on better customer service [other top priorities]. TIO's industry-leading security measures ensure your customers' financial information is always protected. TIO is committed to ensuring that your customer is always satisfied and getting the best services available. Our solutions can be scaled to handle an unlimited number of concurrent phone calls so your customers are never left waiting to be served.

What’s it all about?

TIO Connect offers you an easy way to provide your customers new payment options they demand, all without breaking your budget or stressing out your IT team

With TIO Connect, you can provide the payment options that your customers demand. Deploy what you need now. Expand easily later. You can choose to make your bill available in TIO’s existing payment network, or deploy your own branded solutions. We can help you accept cash, credit, debit or prepaid cards, and remit the payment directly to you. All for a lot less than you can imagine.

Learn more about TIO Connect

Visit the TIO Connect website for an introduction in the single most effective path to enhanced bill payment options for your consumers.