Self-Serve Kiosks

TIO Networks is your partner in executing a profitable business model with the deployment of self-serve financial services kiosks.

Expand your bill payment footprint.

Financial Services Kiosks function as ‘reverse ATMs’ and operate as self-serve devices for secure and convenient customer access to cash-based financial transactions in convenience stores, groceries, and other retail locations, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

TIO Benefits

  • Turnkey self-serve bill payment solutions
  • Reliable and rugged indoor and outdoor kiosk hardware
  • Best-in-class bill payment processing platform
  • Integrated payment modalities including cash, credit, debit and electronic ACH

Consumer Benefits

  • Secure customer validation
  • Up-to-date bill presentment
  • Real-time payment processing capabilities
  • Accurate posting of payments with instant confirmation
  • 24/7 bilingual customer support
  • Services in English and Spanish

Business Benefits

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Comprehensive reconciliation and auditing via secure reporting portal
  • Improve consumers desire and ability to pay bills through expanded, conveniently accessible locations.

Kiosks for Utilities, Wireless
and Service Providers.


Improving customer satisfaction and maximizing profitability.

TIO Networks optimizes the benefits and satisfaction of in-person bill payment experience by focusing on consumers’ needs for convenience, access to multilingual services, real-time processing, accurate posting, instant confirmation of payments, and 24/7 access to customer service. TIO provides utilities, wireless and service providers with innovative bill payment solutions to meet their growing needs for automation, reducing operational costs and driving additional revenue opportunities.

Delivering First Class Customer Service

TIO’s bill payment kiosk solutions provide your customers with secure and convenient access to expedited bill payment services in multiple languages (i.e. English and Spanish), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Utilities, wireless and service providers will benefit from increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Increasing Revenue Generating Opportunities

With the deployment of TIO’s self-serve bill payment kiosks, billers and service providers can alleviate long lineups and counter pressure, allow their employees to focus on resolving complex customer service issues and/or generating additional revenue. Automation will also reduce operational risks and improve reconciliation and auditing.

Kiosks for Retailers


Earn a percentage of each bill payment transaction.

Increase door swings, foot traffic, and basket size by adding self-service bill pay kiosks to your assortment. Bill payment kiosks function as ‘reverse ATMs’ that enable people to pay their electric, water, cable, phone, and other monthly bills with cash, credit, debit or electronic ACH. Strategic placement inside third party retailers satisfies customer demand for convenient payment locations with extended hours of operation and benefits store owners by attracting more customers, more often.

Benefits to Retailer Store Owners

  • Earn a percentage of each bill pay transaction
  • Create a recurring revenue stream that compliments existing ATM business
  • Increase door swings by driving foot traffic back inside stores
  • Proven to increase sales of products placed nearby
  • Broaden reach by attracting the loyal customers of third party billers
  • Target 1/4th of the U.S. population that is financially underserved and relies on alternative financial services to pay monthly bills

Kiosks for ISO & Affiliates


TIO Networks has revolutionized the traditional ISO paradigm

ATM network operators and entrepreneurs can now generate recurring transactional revenue with the delivery of expedited bill payment and financial services to unbanked and underbanked consumers. We have developed a profitable business model that enables you to convert growing consumer needs for secure and convenient access to last minute cash-based financial transactions into revenue through ownership and operation of turnkey kiosks, i.e. ‘Reverse ATMs’.

Benefit to ISO & Affiliates

  • Multiple streams of recurring revenue
  • Competitive edge by offering self-serve cash-based financial services
  • Expanding and complementing your customer base in your existing ATM locations
  • Targeting unbanked and underbanked demographics

Get started with Kiosks.

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